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   20 Unbelievable Arduino Projects
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 430
   Analog Interfacing to Embedded Microprocessors
   Stuart Ball
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 284
   Arduino - A Quick-Start Guide
   Maik Schmidt
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 284
   Arduino and Kinect Projects - Design, Build, Blow Their Minds
   E.R. Melgar, C.C. Diez, P. Jaworski
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 411
   Arduino and LEGO Projects
   Jon Lazar
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 202
   Arduino Microcontroller Guide
   W. Durfee
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 27
   Arduino Programming Basics
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 1
   Arduino Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 39
   Arduino Workshop - A Hands-On Introduction with 65 Projects
   John Boxall
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 394
   ARM Cortex-M3 Introduction
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 41
   AVR - An Introductory Course
   J. Marton
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 241
   Cortex-M3 - Technical Reference Manual
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 384
   Embedded Controller Hardware Design
   Ken Arnold
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 244
   Embedded FreeBSD Cookbook
   Paul Cevoli
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 250
   Embedded Microprocessor Systems Real World Design
   Stuart R. BaII
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 378
   Embedded System Design Using 8031 Microcontrollers
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 100
   Experimenting with AVR Microcontrollers
   Alan Trevennor
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 184
   Exploring C for Microcontrollers
   J.S. Parab, V.G. Shelake, R.K. Kamat, G.M. Naik
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 168
   Getting Started with Arduino (Second Edition)
   Massimo Banzi
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 130
   Internet of Things with the Arduino Yun
   Marco Schwartz
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 112
   Introduction to Microcontrollers - Courses 182.064 & 182.074
   G¨unther Gridling, Bettina Weiss
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 175
   Make: Basic Arduino Projects - 26 Experiments with Microcontrollers and Electronics
   Don Wilcher
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 260
   MakeUseOf - getting started with Arduino a beginner's guide
   Brad Kendall
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 34
   Microcontroladores PIC16F877A y PIC16F887
   D.S. Figueroa
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 745
   Microcontroller Based Applied Digital Control
   D. Ibrahim
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 313
   Microelectronic Circuits Analysis and Design
   M.H. Rashid
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 1312
   Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Systems - The SPES 2020 Methodology
   Klaus Pohl, Harald Hönninger, Reinhold Achatz, Manfred Broy
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 297
   PIC Microcontroller Project Book
   John Lovine
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 220
   PIC Microcontrollers - Know It All
   L. Di Jasio, T. Wilmshurst, D. Ibrahim
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 925
   PICMicro - DC Motor Control Tips 'n Tricks
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 36
   Practical AVR Microcontrollers
   A. Trevennor
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 401
   Programmable Controllers - An engineer’s guide (Third edition)
   E.A. Parr
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 442
   Programming and Customizing the AVR Microcontroller
   D.V. Gadre
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 367
   Raspberry Pi Computer Architecture Essentials
   A.K. Dennis
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 377
   Raspberry Pi Cookbook
   Simon Monk
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 410
   Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers
   Tim Cox
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 402
   Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents
   Stefan Sjogelid
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 153
   Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino
   Andrew K. Dennis
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 176
   Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids
   Daniel Bates
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 96
   Serial Port Complete - Programming and Circuits for RS-232 and RS-485 - Links and Networks
   Jan Axelson
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 321
   Smart Card Handbook (Third Edition)
   Wolfgang Rankl, Wolfgang Effing
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 1123
   STAMP 2 Communications and Control Projects
   Tom Petruzzellis
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 386
   Stamp Works Experiment and Basic Stamp Source Code (Version 1.2)
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 209
   STM32f0 Discovery - Data Brief
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 3
   STM32F0 DISCOVERY - User manual
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 31
   STM32F103V MINI BOARD Schematic
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 2
   The Art of Designing Embedded Systems
   Jack G. Ganssle
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 243
   The Quintessential PIC Microcontroller
   Sid Katzen
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 506
   Using LEDs, LCDs and GLCDs in Microcontroller Projects
   Dogan Ibrahim
   Category:  Microcontrollers          Pages: 485