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Traditional, formal education system for the most part focuses on teaching a theory, memorizing many laws, theorems, definitions, and mathematical formulas. about TI 004Often whole this process is run in isolation from practical applications of teaching knowledge. At the end of this process, students solve formal tests. The end result is that graduates are able to solve tests, and only this.

On the other side is job market, where employers seacrh employees with wide range of knowledge and high practical skills, which are at once ready to work, and are able to slolve very diffrent and complex problems in real work place envirnoment.

This all makes that traditional teaching model starts to be not enough for needs of modern job market.


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Every emploer want form candidates some professional expiriences, but fter traditional, regular school aluminies have passed many tests and diploma only. For this reason is often a bit hard to find good job.

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Generally our idea can be simple describe as: the necessary theory, a lot of practical exercises, making real projects.

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Our New Teaching Method:

    - Introductory lecture

    - Virtual laboratory exercises

    - Really laboratory exercises

    - Creating a real project



We use modern applications for desing and simulations


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Big part of study at TESLA INSTITUTE school is realized as solving problems and practiclal real life projects, which give student many expirinecs already at school. So as alumni stundents of TESLA INSTITUTE have so many practiclal expiriences for their future employers. Our alumni are ready to talk about real professional things on their job interview


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about TI 012All subjects in TESLA INSTITUTE are in english language. We use very simple english in classes, because is very importand that every student can good understant given contents.

At TESLA INSTITUTE You will learn your profession in english language. Thanks that you will be able to use all available professional materials and books, which are mostly written in english.


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After finishing study at TESLA INSTITUTE you will also able to look for a job in abroad. What can be a big chance for you in your future.
You will also save your money, because you will dont need spend it on additional english courses.
All what you need for start is only basic english konwing. Rest you will learn during study at TESLA INSTITUTE.

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 - About 5000 e-books in our E-Library in many most important categories

          - Electrical Engineering
          - Electronicsmade in germany
          - Automation and PLCs
          - Computer Technology
          - Microcontrollers
          - Mechatronics
          - Mathematics
          - Physics
          - Engineering

 - Mediotek - collection of almost 2500 videos
 - Wide range of ready simulations for virtual Lab
 - Electronics Laboratory Educational Sets
 - Microcontrollers Laboratory Educational Sets (according to attachmet)
 - Automation Laboratory Equipment (according to attachment)


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